Make Money
with AR
World's First Practical Course on Immersive Technologies
Make Money with AR
from the augmented reality industry leaders
Learn to create marketable augmented reality experiences
on one of the TOP-5 most popular augmented reality platforms in the world
No coding skills required
Get industry insights vital to launch commercially successful projects
During the course you'll learn how to create the most popular and relevant types of experiences for business, marketing, social media and more
AR Portals
Beverage Cans
Augmented Toys
Live Characters
Live Photos
Metaverse Avatars
AR Postcards
Virtual Pets
Become an augmented reality creator in just one month!
Increase profits up to
by integrating AR into your business
Get an income of
$10 000
by developing augmented reality experiences
Become the most
In-Demand Expert
on the market
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The course includes
Online Training
Tasks and Lessons
Convenient Training Hours
Your Golden Ticket into the Metaverse Industry
The Most Popular Use Cases for AR
Individual Projects
from the Leading AR Technology Company
A Personal Portfolio of Real-Life AR Cases
Hands-On Video Tutorials
PDF Guides for Each Topic
Help Center Access
Tests and Assignments
Course contents
It's not just yet another course. We're building a community of those who are keen on technologies that will shape the future. You can always receive expert feedback from the curators, as well as other course participants. New connections help to faster get into the subject, that's we pay extra attention to creating a comfortable space for communication, while providing outstanding conditions for independent creativity on Project 2084.
You will learn how to enhance curved images with augmented reality content, which can be applied to cups, beverage cans, bottle labels and other cylinder-shaped objects
AR on Curved Images
Augmented reality does not have to be attached to an image or a QR code. It can be experienced on any horizontal surface of the real world. Could you imagine a giraffe or a dinosaur coming to life on the floor of your room? We'll teach you how to take control of your environment
AR in the Real World
Tips and Tricks from the Experts
Once you master the basics of augmented reality creation, we'll share with you best practices and professional insights. These insights are only for the participants of Project 2084
The success of an AR experience is determined not only by a proper technical implementation, but also by the successful integration of principles required to induce emotional response in the viewer. The right approach will help you to acquire a commercial and competitive advantage
The Foundations of AR Creation
Metaverse Avatars
We'll show you how to create an avatar, customize its appearance, animate and use it in your augmented reality experiences. Once you create your avatar, you'll be able to enter the Metaverse
AR on Flat Images
You will learn how to add videos, audios and 3D models (both static and animated) to any flat images. You will get to know how to create horizontal and vertical AR experiences, set up light and shadows, add labels, make interactive buttons and much more
in augmented reality
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Invidividual support from a personal manager
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30-day training period
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Frequently Asked Questions
Sure! You can expand your knowledge and skills with our advanced courses and workshops.
Are there more advanced topics that I could learn after completing the course?
It can still be useful for you to take the basic course to revise the information and acquire AR creation skills with different types of experiences. You will receive feedback and new ideas from the mentors and group members. Once you complete the course, you will receive a discount on the advanced training program, as well as special offers on MyWebAR plans.
Do I need to take the basic course if I already know how to create AR?
The training lasts for one month. New lessons and tasks will be unlocked every week. All homework assignments will be reviewed by the curator and discussed in the group chat (except for the users of the Boost Your Skills plan). During the course you'll need to make two individual projects for evaluation. After graduation, you will get an AR specialist certificate.
How does the training work?
Yes, you can pay 50% of your plan to start. The second half must be paid no later than 10 days after the beginning of the training course.
Can I pay for the course in installments?
To start the course, you need to select one of the plans and purchase it. Once the payment is complete, you will receive instructions on how to sign up on the course platform and get an invitation to a study room on MyWebAR.
How can I take this course?
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